East African Power is led by 5 experienced executives, supported by a dynamic 12-person strong management team and over 20 technical experts with 300+ years of relevant energy experience. Our staff brings comprehensive value-chain expertise in-house to reduce dependency on contractors and improve revenue streams.

Executive Leadership 

Chief Executive Officer

Dan is a passionate visionary and remarkable entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO, Dan provides the direction for EAP and gives vitality to the company’s mission. For the past 15 years, Dan has worked as an entrepreneur and business executive holding leadership positions in a broad range of industries including energy, finance, manufacturing, biotech and construction in Asian, North American and African marketplaces. He founded Empowering Villages, a non-profit organization focused on energy access, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Managing Director

Brad is an enthusiastic team-leader with a breadth of technical knowledge. He has 10 years of experience as an Engineer and Designer, Project Manager and Entrepreneur. Brad currently leads EAP in developing grid-connected and off-grid renewable energy projects throughout Rwanda and East Africa. In years past, Brad served as Senior Project Manager and Development Engineer for the U.S. Air Force leading projects for hi-tech, space launch support systems. He also co-founded a successful agriculture technology start-up.


Chief Operating Officer

Alfred is a results-driven and seasoned executive with more than 25 years of comprehensive experience overseeing and coordinating government projects. Alfred currently leads the operations of EAP to consistently meet budget and schedule demands. He served as a government official, diplomat and Director of Defense Policy at the Ministry of Defence for the Government of Rwanda. Alfred worked the past five years in the private sector managing large construction projects such as the Kigali Convention Center, EPIC Hotel and Kivu Marina Bay Hotel.


General Counsel & Kenya Portfolio Manager

Ida is a perceptive legal professional with 9 years of experience providing pragmatic legal solutions to local and international companies. She currently leads EAP’s legal and compliance team . Ida possesses compelling communication skills and impressive project management prowess. She has comprehensive experience working with international government funds and public stakeholders. Her background includes work within a variety of company functions including human resource administration, construction, finance and procurement.


Executive Vice President & CCO

James is a process-oriented, international consultant with 15 years of marketing, management, operations, governance, leadership and performance improvement experience. James currently manages EAP’s energy development pipeline and leads all EAP commercial endeavors. He built his career in a variety of roles and industries that include SMEs, manufacturers, governments, associations, non-profits, international corporations and financial and education institutions. James continues to volunteer and serves on the governing boards of healthcare and education institutions.

Senior Management Team


Chief Sustainability Officer

Samara is a culturally adaptive professional with 9 years experience in sustainability. Samara oversees EAP’s environmental and social management systems, working to achieve regulatory compliance and carry out monitoring and evaluation of the company’s environmental and social performance. Prior to joining EAP, Samara was a coordinator for the joint UNEP-UNDP Poverty Environment Initiative in Myanmar and head of Social Responsibility for the International Federation of Muaythai Associations. Her interests include political economy, natural resource governance, and conflict studies.


Chief Administration Officer

David is a highly organized and proactive professional with 8 years of experience in accounting and finance administration. He currently leads the day-to-day operations and administration of EAP including accounting, logistics, human resources, security, and maintenance. David has a background in local and international logistics, risk-analysis, and audit. Before starting at EAP, David served as the Head Internal Auditor for the Rwanda National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide and the Accounting Manager for Africa Mission Alliance.


Chief Technical Officer

Paul is a highly-capable technical expert with 20 years of experience serving in international financial institutions. He currently oversees solar business development and systems technology at EAP.  Paul has a comprehensive background in business development for startups, pay-as-you-go arrangements and rural electrification in East Africa. He has focused his expertise on managing IT and developing solar energy. Paul served four years as a Senior Expert for PUM Netherlands, a non-profit organization enabling the growth of small enterprises in developing countries.


Investment Associate

Nicolas is a sharp investment professional with experience in backing early-stage startups in Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa. He seeks out investment opportunities and develops strategically-aligned relationships for EAP to bring projects to financial close. Nicolas served as an Investment Associate at EWB Ventures where he led a Series A investment in the Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa. He is the Co-Founder and board member at Front Row Ventures, a Canadian pre-seed fund.


Chief Engineering Officer

Peter is an analytical Chartered Engineer with over a decade of experience in civil engineering across Europe and East Africa. He is ultimately responsible for the construction, operations, and management of all hydro and solar projects at EAP. Peter has a background in civil engineering design, project management, and innovative technology integration. He was a Civil Engineer for Mott Macdonald, global engineering, management, and development consultancy. Peter volunteers his expertise at Bridges to Prosperity and has contributed to development NGOs in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.


Commercial Chief of Staff

Demi is a driven young professional with experience in fundraising, market analysis, and operations. She promotes commercial success at EAP through day-to-day management of the marketing and grants teams and serves as an advisor to the Chief Commercial Officer. Demi has a background in healthcare administration and biotechnology with an exhibited interest in acquisition financial analysis and economic development. She has successfully managed public-private funding partnerships to bring two large construction projects to a financial close.

Engineering Leadership


Senior Project Manager &
Director of Structures

Abe is a Professional Civil Engineer with over 35 years of experience in the development and construction of hydroelectric projects across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. He serves as a Senior Project Manager and oversees the design, construction and implementation of all structures at EAP. Abe previously worked with multinational firms as Project Manager and Technical Director of multi-billion dollar projects and successfully completed seven hydro projects between 100 MW and 1000 MW. Abe has a comprehensive background across project management, risk mitigation, structural analysis and design.


Technical Director

Samarakoon is a data-driven decision-maker with 30 years of experience as an Engineer and Project Manager. Samarakoon currently leads the hydropower development unit at EAP with a visionary eye for corporate social responsibility integration. Previously, he owned and operated a private consultancy firm that provided engineering expertise in structural design services; small hydro power designs; infrastructure layout development and technical site supervision. Samarakoon won the “Aqua Foundation Excellence Award” for the contribution to sustainable development for the small-hydro sector in India.


Director of Projects

John Lee is a Chartered Engineer with decades of experience in Project Management on large Civil Engineering Projects in Africa, Canada, Middle and Far East and Southeast Asia. As Director of Projects, John is responsible for ensuring EAP Projects are constructed to Budget, Schedule and Quality. He has 35 years of successful on-site involvement with Hydro-Electric Power Schemes which includes thirteen dams. Throughout his career, John has always been closely involved with Quality, Environmental and Safety Management in construction and is a qualified Lead Auditor.


Solar Development Manager

Justin is a creative electrical engineer with experience in developing and designing solar PV, biomass and hybrid projects for the European and East African markets. He currently leads project development of EAP’s solar and hybrid energy portfolio. Justin has comprehensive experience in solar project development including techno-optimization, economic evaluation, engineering and legal feasibility, and installation and commissioning from kW to MW scale projects. He has a keen interest in business & project development in the utility-scale, C&I and mini-grid space.


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