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Commision Date: March 2021

Installed Capacity: 9.2kWp & 17.5kWh

Service: EPC and O&M

Type: Rural, off-grid

Location: Western Province, Rwanda



Empowering Villages (EV) partners with communities to implement next generation utilities, incubate strategic enterprises and leverage technology to unlock new opportunities. EV was incubated by EAP as a non-profit next generation micro-utility platform providing access to electricity and economic opportunity. 



As part of EV’s commitment to implement renewable energy technologies and sustainable infrastructure in Africa, the non-profit organization contracted EAP to install, commission, operate and maintain a 9.2kWp solar PV system with 17.5kWh of storage capacity for its EMPWR Hub in Eastern Province, Rwanda. This project gave the community access to electricity for the first time. 


The project integrates an 8kVA off-grid inverter coupled with a 8.2kW grid-tied inverter to charge the batteries and power the community. 



EAP designed, procured, installed and commissioned the system. EAP is the sole O&M contractor.


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