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East African Power (EAP) is proud of the role it played in the creation of Empowering Villages (EV). EAP’s corporate social responsibility projects led to the creation of EV in 2020. With the support of EAP’s investors, an opportunity to branch off and create a separate non-profit organization was developed. There is an important need for the new organization, EV, to focus on collaborating with local communities to implement next generation utilities, incubate strategic enterprises and leverage technology to unlock new opportunities. EV’s mission is to “build value for villages through lasting utilities and profitable enterprises that radiate light and life.”


EAP and EV share a special bond and collaborate on projects to create value and empower villages in Africa. Every EAP utility scale project will include an EV project to accelerate access to electricity and develop local enterprise. EV is developing a new model, the EMPWR Hubs, to leverage local access to power and available resources to stimulate the micro-economic environment.

Ag Center of Excellence 2022

The Agricultural Center of Excellence will be a hub for the farming industry to practice sustainable and efficient agricultural techniques, under the philosophy of NGO partner Foundations for Farming. It will be used as a training space for experimentation and development of the local agricultural sector in various villages around Sub-Saharan Africa.


Hut2Hut 2021

The Hut2Hut is an eco-lodge franchise that brings training and employment in the tourism industry for members of rural communities around Rwanda. Using sustainable tourism strategies, these lodges will showcase community life and raise awareness of cultural and environmental conservation.


Rubagabaga MIP 2021

The Micro-Industrial Park in Northwest Rwanda brings together local rural businesses under one roof, stimulating the manufacturing industry and productive use of electricity from the national grid. Using recycled shipping containers, combined with local construction and materials, this facility will reflect the industriousness and resourcefulness of the Rwandan people.


Rubabo 2022

One of several industrial developments for social benefit, the Rubabo Eco-Park will be a community-owned workspace and marketplace located near a hydropower plant in Uganda.


Canotek 2021

The Chiedza Solar Village is a center for farming development and community gathering in Zimbabwe. In partnership with Canotek Solar and Foundations for Farming, this community center and training facility targets the local agricultural sector by empowering farmers to share skills and techniques to uplift one another.


Rubagabaga - Hanaseth Library 2021

The Hanaseth Library is a center for educational opportunity in the village of Kaseke along the Rubagabaga river. Housing thousands of books and resources for local children and adults to use freely, the library provides a space for learning and growth to a community that lacks access to these resources.


WACP 2021

The Women's Aquaculture Cooperative Project (WACP) aims to bring aquaculture to a community in the highlands of Rwanda. Operating in the shallows of the Bihongora river, this cooperative will provide sustainable employment to local women as they sell to consumers and contribute to the wellbeing of the community at large.


Rwaza Coffee Center 2021

The Rwaza Coffee Center is a space for processing and distributing locally-grown coffee beans to consumers across Rwanda. In a region where coffee is one of the largest exports, this business will bring jobs and training for people who seek experience in the coffee industry.


 Bihongora Library 2022

Positioned near a small rural school, the Bihongora Library is a space for people to come and engage in extracurricular educational opportunities.


Kilimbi Library and Community Center 2023

The Kilimbi Library and Community Center will be a resource to a community that borders Nyungwe Forest National Park. Local people will have access to this space which will allow for meetings, training, and educational programs to take place, while the facility sustains itself through a connected small business.

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