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Commision Date: January 2021

Installed Capacity: 3.2kWp & 17kWh

Service: EPC 

Type: Rooftop, hybrid inverter

Location: Kigali, Rwanda



Empowering Villages (EV) partners with communities to implement next generation utilities, incubate strategic enterprises and leverage technology to unlock new opportunities. EV was incubated by EAP as a non-profit next generation micro-utility platform providing access to electricity and economic opportunity. 



As part of EV’s commitment to implement renewable energy technologies and sustainable infrastructure in Africa, the non-profit organization contracted EAP to design, supply and install a 3.2kWp solar PV system with 17kWh of storage capacity for its office. The inverter installed is a 7kVA hybrid inverter powering the office with both the national grid and the solar PV system while simultaneously charging the batteries. The system is ground-mounted. 



  • EAP was responsible for the full design, procurement & installation of the system

  • Installed the solar PV system including solar panels, hybrid inverter and battery bank 

  • Designed and constructed the ground-mounting structure with galvanized steel

  • Commissioned the solar PV system


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