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Commission Date: April 2022

Installed Capacity: 36.4kWp

Service: EPC and O&M

Type: Grid-connected solar PV installation

Location: Kigali, Rwanda



I&M Bank, a commercial bank in Kigali Rwanda. 



Engineering, procurement and construction for the implementation of a rooftop grid-connected system for a bank office in Kigali, Rwanda, allowing the institution to lower their dependence on the national grid. The total project capacity will be 36.4 kWp.


EAP is in charge of the design & installation of the whole system, and procurement of the balance of system:

  • EAP is installing a rooftop structure with galvanized steel.

  • EAP is installing the solar PV system including solar panels and the grid-tie inverter. 

  • EAP is installing and setting up the communication and monitoring system.

  • EAP is responsible for the commissioning of the solar PV system. 


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