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Solar Engineers doing Installation


Commision Date: February 2022

Installed Capacity: 120 kWp

Service: EPC and O&M

Type: Grid-connected solar PV installation

Location: Kigali, Rwanda



Green hills Academy, a private International school in Rwanda.



Engineering, procurement and construction for the implementation of a rooftop grid-connected system for a private school in Kigali, Rwanda, allowing the school to lower their dependence on the national grid. The project is done in two phases:

  • Upgrade of an existing installation of 50kWp by replacing the existing inverter with tier 1 inverter and adding 13.65kW

  • Increase of the total system capacity to 120kWp by adding more solar panels (57.3kWp), and a 50kW grid-tie inverter


EAP is in charge of the design & installation of the whole system, and procurement of the balance of system:

  • EAP is installing a rooftop structure with galvanized steel.

  • EAP is installing the solar PV system including solar panels and the grid-tie inverter. 

  • EAP is installing and setting up the communication and monitoring system.

  • EAP is responsible for the commissioning of the solar PV system. 


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