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East African Power delivers turnkey engineering solutions for hydropower and solar PV projects across Sub Saharan Africa. We are the Partner of Choice for systematic services in project management, EPC and O&M for 1-50 MW projects. 


Our integrated O&M team ensures the highest standard for quality performance and safety. We provide a comprehensive suite of services including repair and maintenance, on-site supervision, 24/7 emergency response, staff training, and remote plant monitoring.

  • Full Asset Management

Proactive improvement to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

  • On-Site Expertise

Certified technicians with quick response for top-tier productivity.

  • Customized Solutions

Complete suite of services to ensure quality and performance standards.













  • Full-Scope Project O&M Management

    • Complete suite of services for plant assembly, installation, commissioning, testing, inspection, operation, maintenance and repair.

    • Continuous plant productivity improvement to optimize project return and minimize operational costs. 

    • Comprehensive project management covering licensing, regulatory compliance, reporting and xyz.

  • Preventive Maintenance & Emergency Repair

    • Customized predictive, corrective and preventive maintenance planning and implementation.

    • Preventive and routine maintenance for electromechanical equipment and civil equipment including cleaning, physical & electrical maintenance and mechanical inspection.

    • 24/7 emergency response for catastrophic events and unplanned repairs with a local team to ensure fast mitigation.

    • Power plant retrofit.

  • Performance Monitoring, Reporting and Security

    • Site surveys and condition assessments to monitor plant productivity.

    • Programmed shut-downs and inspections.

    • Remote data performance monitoring with telecommand capability.

    • Performance reporting and KPI management guaranteed for high performance and quick response.

    • On-site and cyber security and surveillance to protect the plant.

  • Safety, Training, and Compliance

    • Operator personnel training and development for efficiency and safety on-site.

    • Policy and procedure development for environmental impact, health and safety.

    • Staffing options with qualified operators and certified technicians.

    •  Compliance with grid code.

  • Asset management

    • Communication management with grid operator, authorities and other third parties. 

    • Warranty and insurance claims management.

    • Spare-parts management with industry-standard upgrades planning.

    • Contract management.

    • Financial management of the plant.

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