EAP fully developed, built, owns and operates Rubagabaga.

TYPE:                                               Run-of-river Hydropower

CAPACITY:                                       0.45 MW

LOCATION:                                      RWANDA – Rubagabaga River in Nyabihu District, Western Province

STATUS:                                           Operational



TURBINE:                                         1 x 0.45 MW Francis (Containerized Powerhouse)

PARTNERS:  EAP, Global Excel, Haneseth Energi, Sedicon, EV, Journeyman International, EEP Africa, Nordic Development Fund,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Austrian Development Agency, DFID, Practical Action, International 

Centre for Hydropower, KPMG, BRD

HOUSES ELECTRIFIED:  Electrification is an ongoing effort but in partnership with Empowering Villages (EV), we have electrified 18 households and village shops through a 5.4 kW off-grid solar system. The next phase of our project roadmap includes installation of a 50 kW solar system to complement the hydropower plant and power local “micro-industrial” businesses.

IMPACT the site has on people living in the surrounding areas: We have planted over 10,000 Bamboo which has reduced erosion in the area, there are over 15 full-time maintenance jobs for the locals, we have through EV been able to bring a public secretariat in the neighborhood. Now, people can print, scan, browse, charge their phones, and even access some of the basic administrative needs.