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EAP Repairs and Restores 500kW Rural Gaseke HPP

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Across Sub Saharan Africa, a significant number of renewable energy projects are at risk of becoming dysfunctional due to maintenance issues or unsustainable technical design. Increasing system sustainability via rehabilitation of existing power plants is a foundation of EAP’s provision of affordable and reliable energy. Throughout the past six months, EAP has begun O&M and partnered with Novel Energy on a joint development agreement to restore power on an existing 500 kW grid-connected project, Gaseke Hydropower Plant. Following widespread regional flooding, Gaseke became non-operational due to a small landslip which blocked the headrace canal and stopped water flow to the powerhouse.

EAP has undertaken headrace canal repairs using our in-house engineering and construction team. Our operations and maintenance team then successfully replaced the generator bearings, the damaged runner, the guide vanes linear transducer and the forebay tank head level sensor. Last month, power generation at Gaseke was restored. EAP is currently developing additional technological innovations to increase energy generation efficiency during the dry season. These investments will secure the long-term sustainable operation of the plant and improve the health, safety and welfare of the plant operators.

Hydro Power Plant Rehabilitation
Gaseke Hydro Power Plant

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