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Empowering Women in Engineering as EAP Commits to Advance Gender Parity in Energy

Gender-related barriers to entry and advancement in the energy sector are perceived by over 64% of the global energy workforce. Prevailing hiring practices, workplace gender dynamics, and lack of opportunities earmarked for women are the most prevalent barriers. Women currently represent 32% of the workforce in renewable energy compared to 22% in conventional energy. However, women are more likely to be employed in lower-paid, non-technical, and administrative positions than in technical, managerial, or policymaking positions.

Women's empowerment is a global movement that is breaking ground. Nonetheless, women continue to face employment discrimination in Sub Saharan Africa. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that the number of jobs in renewables could increase from 10.3 million to 29 million by 2050. EAP is dedicated to increasing the representation of women to promote gender parity alongside the market’s growth, specifically in managerial and technical positions.

Currently, EAP employs 30 full-time women in renewable energy with 5 interns across a spectrum of disciplines. Our senior management team has 5 women, and we have a growing staff with 30% women representation. We intend to increase the women's representation in the senior management team by 2025 to above 40% and increase the number of women engineers by 10%.

To advance our commitment to establishing gender parity internally, EAP partners with the Women in Renewable Energy Network (WIRE), a professional development group for women working in energy. EAP awarded the company’s first WIRE apprentice full-time employment as a structural engineer. EAP recently onboarded two additional WIRE apprentices to the Health, Safety, and Wellness team; and they are contributing to the development of industry-leading safety plans. Last quarter, women at EAP undertook a WIRE training program focused on empowering women with the soft skills to succeed professionally.

EAP is dedicated to offering an effective path to long term employment for women by providing early professionals a quality work experience and access to strong mentorship from industry leaders. We encourage all young African women in engineering to consider employment opportunities at EAP.

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